Social Media and Reputation Management

Take control of your Toyota Dealership’s online reputation by participating in the Certified Social Media and Reputation Management program. Choose from select certified providers who will help you improve guest loyalty and satisfaction. With self-managed and fully managed solutions, your chosen provider or onsite Internet manager will effectively manage conversations with guests online before, during and after their car-buying experience.

Participating SMRM Providers

Digital Air Strike is the automotive industry’s leading social media and reputation management solution. We help thousands of dealerships get 9x more positive reviews on top review sites. Improve your star ratings and streamline communication by partnering with Digital Air Strike to increase your customer feedback and turn positive responses into online reviews through email and text message. Our industry-first DAS Mobile App allows you to evaluate and act on customer feedback from your mobile device while our team monitors, manages, and responds to reviews on your behalf! Our A.I. powered messaging solution communicates with consumers who text you from Google search results and alerts a team member when they’re needed. You’ll get an award-winning team that creates engaging social content, so you sell and service more vehicles! Contact to learn more!
DSplus connects brands, retailers and customers to help sell more cars. Using sharp insights and spot-on analysis, DSplus turns shoppers into buyers – and buyers into loyalists. DSplus Social is the robust social and reputation management program, which helps dealers in the Toyota family curate and post enticing content across key social networks, while monitoring their reputation on top review sites. Questions? Feel free to reach us at
Friendemic provides social media and online reputation software and services to hundreds of dealerships across the country. Friendemic helps its clients grow their brands online by generating authentic engagement and conversations that result in improved brand, web traffic, lead submissions and sales to improve your bottom line. Contact us any time at (801) 415-9314 or
L2TMedia delivers cutting-edge digital marketing solutions for automotive dealers. L2TMedia’s reputation management and social media solutions are critical to build customer loyalty and community. We are proud to be a Toyota certified provider of these solutions. Questions, please contact
We partner with Toyota dealerships to help increase sales, build brand image and visibility, and develop customer loyalty. All of our services are managed by certified experts and offer transparent reporting to measure the results of your advertising investment. With marketing services built to work together and as part of complete dealership management, Naked Lime offers a full view of your customer journey. To see it in action,

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Toyota Certified Social Media and Reputation Management Program (Certified SMRM Program) is to help Dealers improve their online reputation and social presence. It will aim to increase dealership-customer engagement within the digital marketplace, help develop the brand reputation of Toyota nationally and at a dealership level. Lastly, it will help to create synergistic brand images across all forms of TMS/USA communication, especially allowing dealerships to support both national and local campaigns.
The Dealer Digital Evaluation is essentially a scorecard produced by TMS/USA quarterly. It will rank your individual dealership in regards to your digital footprint – i.e. customer engagement level, social involvement, brand perception, 3rd party review rating scores, etc. Enrolling in the Certified SMRM Program is a solution to help dealers improve their ranking on the Dealer Digital Evaluation. The Certified SMRM Program is focused on the specific metrics the DDE highlights. All providers are also informed of the DDE and are aware of the need to improve dealer performance on the DDE.
To participate in the Toyota Certified SMRM Program the Dealer must:
  1. Sign the TDDS Dealer Participation Agreement
  2. Contract with a TDDS-Participating CRM Provider
  3. Contract with a TDDS-Participating Website Provider
  4. Contract with a TDDS-Participating SMRM Provider
  5. Dealers agree to allow Providers to collect social media and online reputation metrics to allow for:
    • Performance Reporting to TMS/USA, Regions and Dealers
    • Benchmarking Against Peers
    • SMRM Provider Scorecards
    • Key Metric Reports Include:
      • Review Site Ratings
      • Total/Positive/Negative Review Count
      • Response Count
      • Referral Traffic
      • Total Leads
      • Phone Traffic
      • # Fan/Followers
      • Total Posts
      • Total Reach
      • Total Engagement
      • Total Advocacy
      • Total Impressions
      • Total Clicks / Total Link Clickthroughs
To enroll in the Certified SMRM Program please login to your ELMS account at: From the ELMS interface, you will navigate through “Tools” to “Registration” to access the enrollment form. You will then be able to choose your provider, package, agree to the program terms & conditions, and begin receiving services.
*To learn about the certified providers and available packages, please visit and click through to the Social Media and Reputation Management tab.
While it is recommended that all dealers enroll in the Certified SMRM Program, it is not mandatory. If you want to receive minimal social content publishing, your second option would be to sign up directly with DealerRSS via the Toyota AdPlanner and have social content automatically published to your dealership’s social sites.
At this time, no co-op dollars will be allocated to the Certified SMRM Program at the dealer level.
You have the option to manage your own social media and reputation management sites with the “Do-It-Yourself” packages offered by all providers. These packages give you the opportunity to manage your own social and reputation sites, while giving you access to various dashboards to help you monitor and manage your profiles, create content and post content. Additionally, most DIY packages give you access to reporting so you are able to track your progress.
To add-on additional services please contact your provider after enrollment. All additional services will be added to your monthly invoice via the Parts Statement.
When you enroll in the program, you are entering into a 30-day agreement with the provider you have chosen, meaning you are in a month-to-month contract with the provider.
Please contact the TDDS Help Desk at 1-888-511-8904 or to cancel services with your provider. Please note that normal billing rules will apply for all cancellations:
  • If you notify the TDDS Help Desk from the 1st – 10th of the month, you will receive services through the end of the month and you will be billed through the end of the month.
  • If you notify the TDDS Help Desk from the 11th – 31st of the month, you will receive services through the end of the month and the following month, and you will be billed through the end of the month and the following month.
TMS will classify social campaigns as “Required” or “Optional.” “Required” social campaigns require the Dealer to post or tweet the provided content.
All dealers will have access to reporting in Toyota DWA by logging into ELMS. All Certified SMRM Providers will offer monthly reporting.
Two types of reports will be generated for both social media and reputation management. The first type of report is a performance benchmark report, which measures Dealer performance on social media and online reputation, and allow for comparison between other Dealers, Districts, Regions and the Nation. The second type of report is a performance trend report, which shows a 13-month rolling view of Dealer performance in both social media and online reputation. We will also generate a social campaign performance report to measure the success of social content. Thus, there will be a total of five (5) reports made available to dealers:
  • Social Media Performance Benchmark Report
  • Social Media Performance Trend Report
  • Reputation Management Performance Benchmark Report
  • Reputation Management Performance Trend Report
  • Social Campaign Performance Report
Social reports will show Engagement, Reach, Advocacy, Total Fan/Follower Count and other like metrics. Reputation reports will show Average Review Site Rating, Total Review Count, Positive/Negative Review Count and other like metrics.
All dealers will be billed via the Parts Statement.