Parts & Service Dealer SEM Program

Every day consumers turn to search engines to do research and to get ideas and suggestions related to their vehicle. Consumers then use this research to make informed decisions on what options are available to them. Search engine marketing (SEM) capitalizes on these searches by placing targeted advertisements for your dealership directly in front of consumers while they are in the process of searching. Utilizing digital marketing, whether it be SEM, Display or video advertising, can help your dealership’s website attract more consumers in your market and help convert these searches into leads.

The Toyota Parts & Service Dealer SEM Program includes several provider options to manage a dealer’s digital marketing efforts. Each provider package includes a recommended minimum keyword list and bidding strategy to optimize Dealer search performance.

Program Benefits:

  • Campaign metrics are cross referenced to Toyota’s dealer repair orders each month, in order to show a real time return on investment.
  • Easy payment structure through your Toyota Parts statement.
  • Custom advertising plans including SEM, Display, Social Media and Video tailored to dealers’ specific fixed operations needs.
  • Cost efficient advertising rates available for program enrollees.
  • Simple and flexible enrollment process with choice of Toyota vetted certified advertising providers.
  • Advertising dollars go further with National marketing alignment.
  • Access to reporting suite and monthly performance reports.
  • Receive the latest in advertising techniques and technologies.

Please note that enrollment in the Toyota Parts & Service Dealer SEM Program is optional and not mandated by Toyota.

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Adpearance is the sales-obsessed marketing and sales intelligence company focused on helping Toyota dealers sell more parts & services. Improve your digital advertising performance with unsurpassed execution and exclusive advertising technologies focused on low-funnel searches. Build community relationships with stellar reputation management and social media strategies.

Partnering with Adpearance means better results through ongoing innovation, helpful support, strong execution, and exceptional marketing and sales insights.

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At Affinitiv, we partner with OEM clients to build marketing and customer experience strategies to support your dealership’s sales and service goals. Through Affinitiv’s powerful digital marketing solutions, we share your stories to the right people at the exact right time within the customer lifecycle. From custom social media advertising to display advertising to video marketing and beyond, our team of experts uses advanced data segmentation and sophisticated timing methods to create buyer traffic, bring back inactive customers, and drive revenue.

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Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess is the industry leader in parts and service digital marketing. For years, we’ve helped Service Managers drive more traffic to their service lanes by targeting customers at the exact moment they go online to search for a dealer who can service their vehicle. This targeted approach helps us generate more ROs and Upsell opportunities for our dealers’ service departments, which leads to more revenue and greater profits.

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7 out of 10 people search online to figure out where to service their car. Are you showing up?

Dealers aren’t losing service business to dealers, they’re losing 77% of service business to independents.

Be where your customers are and conquest the competition with dynamic, data-driven fixed ops advertising from PureCars.

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Search Optics

Our philosophy is that living, breathing people are the key — professionals with greater talent, a broader perspective, and more vision. We believe that pioneering tech expertise partnered with actual human logic, heart, integrity, and hands-on experience is our calling card. We get to know our clients in person and find out what works for their world. Then we customize a one-of-a-kind strategy, which we actively manage and continually optimize based on actionable performance metrics. Our team of experts keep showing up, always answer the call, and understand that face-to-face can make or break. It is this premium level of human interaction and high-touch service — which we call class-leading marketing technology backed by real people — that has led us to make more of our clients top brand performers.

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Synergize is immersed in the ever-evolving Paid Search Landscape to ensure we are driving innovation for our clients. Thanks to our buying power in the market, we have exceptional support from our vendors and access to first to market opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Toyota Parts & Service Dealer SEM Program is to help increase traffic to dealer websites, service drives and ultimately increase the dealers parts & service revenue. The program also aims to help dealers' conquest consumer market share away from competitor aftermarket and independent shops.

When you enroll in the program, you are entering into a 30-day agreement with the provider you have chosen, meaning you are in a month-to-month contract with the provider.

Please contact the TDDS Help Desk at 1-888-511-8904 or to cancel services with your provider. Please note that normal billing rules will apply for all cancellations:

  • If you notify the TDDS Help Desk from the 1st-10th of the month, you will receive services and will be billed through the end of the same month.
  • If you notify the TDDS Help Desk from the 11th – 31st of the month, you will receive services and be billed through the end of the following month.

All dealers will have access to reporting in Toyota DWA by logging into ELMS as well as individual dealer reports distributed to Regions. All Digital Advertising Providers will offer monthly reporting direct to dealers.

Reports will provide to following metrics:

  • Impressions – the number of consumers who saw your advertisement
  • Clicks – the number of consumers who clicked on your advertisement and visited your website
  • Click through Rate – the number of consumers who clicked your advertisement compared to the total number of consumers who saw your advertisement
  • Cost per Click – the average cost when a consumer clicks on your advertisement
  • Phone Leads - the number of phone calls that came from a consumer on your website
  • Form Submissions - the total number of contact form submissions on your website
  • Conversions – Total number of specific customer actions on a website that are valuable to your business i.e. phone call, visit to service specials page.
  • And other like metrics

All dealers will be billed via their monthly Parts Statement.

Yes, the Starter package is an opportunity for Dealers to invest minimally in the program to start with and then 6 months after the enrollment date the package will expire and the dealer will be automatically upgraded to the next available package with the provider they’ve enrolled with.

No, a dealer may only enroll in a Starter package once every two years.