National eMystery Shop

In today's competitive digital landscape, the quality of e-lead follow-up is more important than ever. The eMystery Shop Program provides valuable metrics and actionable insights for e-lead processes on national, regional and dealer specific levels. Shops are performed monthly for all Toyota Dealers across the nation.

Users will have access to an intuitive web application that features an interactive dashboard, trend reports, shop scores, lead submission screenshots, email PDF's and voicemail recordings.

Optional Dealer eMystery Shop Feature

Obtain greater visibility to your online customer experience and internal store processes with Dealer eMystery Shops. In addition to the National eMystery Shop performed each month, you now have the option to purchase up to three additional eMystery Shops for your dealership each month. You will be able to choose the vehicle of interest and question specifically for your dealership. Email and voicemail assets as well as your live scoring report will be made available to you through the existing eMystery Shop Tool.

To learn more about the optional Dealer eMystery Shop feature, please contact the TDDS Help Desk at 888-511-8904 or via email at

To enroll, login to ELMS at and navigate to "Enroll", found under "Tools".

Program Benefits

  • Combines metrics from multiple e-lead touch points which contributes to defining best sales practices
  • Comprehensive view of the online shopping experience helps identify website and lead delivery issues
  • Intuitive Dashboard allows for month-over-month tracking of follow-up performance as well as comparisons with national and regional scores
  • Reveals unique areas in which individual dealers can further capitalize on the consumer's experience to help complete the sale

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information please contact the TDDS Help Desk at 888-511-8904 or via email at
The timing of when the National eMystery Shop is performed varies each month. Once the 7-day eMystery Shop fielding time has passed, we begin performing the grading and QA. Once results are available, users identified by your Dealer administrator will receive an email notification. Reports are typically delivered within 3 to 4 weeks.
Please contact the TDDS Help Desk at 888-511-8904 or via email at The help desk can add your contact information to the system.
We only count voicemails that are received. If the dealer called, but did not leave a voicemail, it will not reflect in the tool and no points will be awarded.
The times in the live report are based on the current time zone the computer is in. The PDF reports show EST times by default.
Soft appointment requests are not considered an attempt. (ie. Call me to schedule an appointment. Click here to schedule a test drive. Have you driven this vehicle?).
  • Is there a specific time today you can test drive this vehicle?
  • I have appointments available at 2:30pm and 3:00pm. Which works best for you?
  • I would like to invite you to our dealership to drive this Camry if you are available today.
  • What time works best for you to come in?
There may be an issue with the CRM, especially if the leads delivered don't match the leads received. In some cases, we have seen a delay in the delivery of emails caused by the CRM mail server when its processing a high number of requests.
The eMystery Shop team looks for the first quality response email from the dealership. A quality response is considered a personalized email from an individual at the dealership that addresses the vehicle of interest and majority of the grading criteria.