• A system that centralizes all TMS USA and TFS lead sources
  • Delivers them directly to your dealership in real time, including: Toyota.com, Buyatoyota.com, TCUV, TRAC, Mobility, TMS- and TDA-Sponsored Event Leads and Toyota Financial Services leads
  • Filters and de-dupes all leads, ensuring only the highest quality leads make it to your dealership
  • Comprehensive reporting dashboard that gives Dealers lead-response time and close-rate performance benchmarks against their districts, TDAs, regions and the nation
  • Securely integrates with specific Dealer CRM/ILM tools, meets all privacy and security requirements

Participating CRM Providers

Desking/F&I/CRM as one system with unlimited customer data, zero redundant data entry, and seamless integration to your DMS for over 25 Years.
Auto/Mate Dealership Systems is a leading dealership management system (DMS) provider to automotive dealerships nationwide. Auto/Mate received the “Highest Rated” DMS award in the 2012 & 2013 Driving Sales Dealer Satisfaction Awards.
'Compass' is a custom CRM platform for AutoNation dealerships and is not available for use outside of their network.
CDK CRM gives you the tools to better manage your leads and convert more to sales - seamlessly integrated across your entire front office workflow.
Designed by dealers, CRM reflects how today's automotive professionals interact with their customers and their data. Intuitive dashboards efficiently organize critical information and tasks for staff at every level of the dealership. Plus, the product is built with mobility in mind, so you’ll always get a fully-functional CRM experience
Dealer360 provides software solutions to automotive dealers nationwide. Our solutions help automotive dealers operate their business more efficiently allowing dealerships to maximize revenue and profits.
DealerBuilt’s integrated Lightyear DMS has proven to be an effective solution for the daily operations of successful dealers and dealership groups of all sizes nationwide.
DealerPeak's Toyota Certified CRM is one of the most robust, yet user friendly systems available to Toyota Dealers. It includes a robust Desking tool, is BDC ready, and DMS certified. DealerPeak CRM is packed with tools to help you ensure that your sales staff keeps in compliance with Toyota's lead handling requirements. DealerPeak CRM has Toyota Dealers covered.
The number one CRM solution that will power your sales, marketing, fixed operations, and deliver a customer experience to the right people at the right time. Over 130,000 active users and the biggest market share of dealers.
CRM strengthens the relationships that power operational success. Intuitive dashboards efficiently organize customer information and provide visibility for staff at every level of the dealership. Plus, a mobile-first design provides a fully functional CRM experience no matter where you need it.
DriveCentric is a premier CRM bringing together real-time video, artificial intelligence, and mobile messaging to make communicating with next-generation customers easier than ever.
Blending power and simplicity, Dominion's Sales Center CRM (formerly Autobase) drives exceptional results through prospect and owner relationship management. Let us show you why.
The most intelligent and intuitive CRM system available in today’s automotive market, ELEAD CRM increases sales, profit and communication to completely manage the customer lifecycle.
Higher Gear is a leading provider of CRM software and related services. The Company’s comprehensive, user-friendly and customizable software suite improves its customers’ sales efficiency, customer prospecting, customer retention, customer relationship marketing and trade cycle management.
iMagicLab offers proven, reliable systems like DealerCRM and cutting-edge tools like CRMSuite to connect customers and staff in traditional and the latest social media networks.
Check out our wealth of features and integrated tools, then ask yourself, "Am I getting the best results from my current CRM program?"
Momentum is a powerful, progressive, and easy-to-use automotive CRM system. Don’t make your decision without considering this adaptable and extremely well integrated system. Momentum is used by many of the nation’s largest and highest performing dealerships.
ProMax Unlimited’s award-winning CRM software is powerful, easy to use, and scalable to your dealership’s needs.  Our #1 goal is your dealership’s success!
'XRM' is the industry’s most cutting edge all-in-one dealership CRM platform. CRM, ILM, Inventory, Desking, Finance, Marketing, Websites, and Service create a single system for the true ‘1 customer experience’.
In conjunction with your ELMS certified CRM, the Response Logix Smart Quote will prove your Internet prospects with a professional looking multiple vehicle email-based price quote response.
‘Contact Management' is a comprehensive, web-based CRM solution for the whole dealership to manage customer follow-up, leads, and prospecting. 'Contact Management' helps dealers better manage every consumer interaction and turn's each consumer into a repeat customer.
Combine the Sonic Automotive exclusive Toyota dealer websites and a fully integrated inventory management system through to CRM and the result is the premier Toyota retail experience from online shopping to in-store buying & owning.
The TDDS Response is a robust ILM that allows you to participate in the Program, track all your customer interactions, and benefit from the ELMS Dashboard. Either select “TDDS Response” in the ELMS registration screen or call the TDDS Help Desk to try TDDS Response today for only $175 per month.
Our Automotive CRM has established itself as the benchmark in automotive CRM software solutions. We at VinSolutions understand all the intricacies of managing a dealership and working a car deal. We know how to apply technology to get the job done proficiently, effectively, and resourcefully.
Votenza is a web-based CRM / Sales & Service Marketing program that captures data, manages it, and markets to it at the right time.
For years, Dominion Web Control (formerly AVV) has been Standard in ILM/ Showroom tools, and certified by over 30 manufacturers. Come and see why.

Frequently Asked Questions

ELMS is the Toyota platform for Dealers to receive all TMS USA-owned leads whether or they opt to participate in the TDDS program.
No, there is no charge for ELMS.
Yes, ELMS delivers all TMS USA-owned leads to Dealers.
ELMS delivers leads from TMS USA-owned sources, including: Toyota.com, TFS, TCUV, TRAC, Mobility, Toyota and TDA sponsored event leads, optional TDDS 3rd party leads and Buyatoyota.com.
ELMS can be accessed through www.tmsusaconnect.com. This site will have complete Program information, resources, dashboards, etc.
No, the site is secure and requires a user name and password.
The Dashboard is the reporting component of the ELMS platform and now includes Website Analytics.
Main Report categories include:
  • Lead disposition data
  • Dealer website analytics
  • Benchmarking against other user groups (District, TDA, Region, and Nation)
  • Close rate reporting
  • Mystery shop results
  • Lead list report
  • Dealer gained sales
  • Competitive Lost Sales