Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELMS?
ELMS is the Toyota platform for dealers to receive all TMS USA owned leads whether or they opt to participate in the TDDS program.

Is there a charge for ELMS?
No, there is no charge for ELMS.

Does ELMS handle Toyota lead delivery?
Yes, ELMS delivers all TMS USA owned leads to Dealers.

What kind of leads are included in the Enterprise Lead System?
ELMS delivers leads from TMS USA owned sources, including:,, TFS, TCUV, TRAC, Mobility, Toyota and TDA sponsored event leads, optional TDDS 3rd party leads, and Blackbook leads. ELMS does not currently process leads that originate from the Dealer's website.

How do I access ELMS?
ELMS can be accessed through This site will Program information, resources, dashboards, etc.

Can anyone access this this site?
No, the site is secure and requires a user name and password.

What is the Dealer Dashboard?
The Dashboard is the reporting component of the ELMS platform and now includes Website Analytics.

What kind of Dashboard Reporting will be available through ELMS?
Main Report categories include:
  • Lead disposition data
  • Dealer Website Analytics
  • Benchmarking against other user groups (district, TDA, region, and the nation)
  • Close Rate reporting
  • Mystery shop results
  • Lead list report
  • Dealer gained sales
  • Competitive Lost Sales

What is required to participate in Toyota’s 3rd Party Lead Feature?
To participate the Dealer must 1) sign the TDDS Participation Agreement, 2) Contract with a TDDS participating web provider, 3) Contract with a TDDS participating CRM provider.

How will Dealers take advantage of the optional 3rd Party Lead Feature?
Dealers will have the opportunity to purchase quality 3rd Party Leads at a discounted price. Dealers can choose from manual select or an optimized program where they will be charged per lead. Dealers that reside in states where per lead pricing is not allowed will pay a flat subscription monthly fee. Enrollment is available both online at the ELMS Dashboard and via the TDDS Help Desk (1-888-511-8904).

Will Dealers be required to purchase 3rd Party Leads?
No, 3rd Party Lead participation is completely optional for all TDDS participating Dealers.

Which 3rd Party Lead sources will be included in this feature?
Lead sources cannot be disclosed. Dealers will receive the highest quality leads as a supplement to your existing 3rd Party Leads Feature. All leads will be filtered and de-duped to save you time and effort.

What if a Dealer believes he has received a duplicate or invalid customer name in these leads?
Just contact the TDDS Help Desk at (1-888-511-8904) or email The lead will be credited and marked as a duplicate or invalid in the system for reporting purposes. Click the Tool menu in the ELMS navigation bar to access the online credit process.

How will Dealers receive 3rd Party Leads?
Leads will be posted directly to TDDS participating CRM/ILM tools of choice.

How do SET and GST Dealers participate in the 3rd Party Leads Program?
Dealers should contact their SET or GST Representative.

Are leads exclusive to a Dealer or resold to several dealers?
Consumers have the ability to select multiple Dealers or submit a lead on 3rd Party Leads provider websites. Each 3rd Party Leads providers has different rules for consumers selecting a Dealer. TMS will not resell a lead but will distribute to each Dealer the consumer selected.

Can a Dealer receive leads from brand websites without buying 3rd Party Leads?
Yes, brand website leads are TMS USA owned leads and provided to Dealers at no cost.

Why would Dealers buy 3rd Party Leads through the TDDS program if they buy leads directly from 3rd Party Lead providers?
The TDDS 3rd Party Leads Feature provides incremental leads beyond your existing direct relationships with 3rd Party Leads providers.

How many leads can one Dealer purchase at a time?
The Dealer can buy all the leads available based on their enrollment in the Program. The Dealer retail contracts with 3rd Party Leads providers will receive priority over the TDDS 3rd Party Leads Feature.

Are Dealers able to purchase leads outside the Dealer's PMA?
If a Dealer chooses not to participate in the 3rd Party Leads Feature, the leads attributed to that Dealer's PMA will be made available to the next closest participating Dealer based on enrollment. Dealers now have the ability to choose their coverage area.

What if the Dealer chooses to buy more leads outside of the 3rd Party Leads Feature?
The Dealer can always choose to buy more 3rd Party Leads on their own outside of this Feature.

What if a Dealer wants less 3rd Party Leads offered in the Program?
The Dealer can contact TDDS Help Desk at (1-888-511-8904) or  to set up the quantity that best fits the individual Dealer’s needs using a weekly lead cap.

Are Dealers required to use a TDDS participating website
Yes, the TDDS program requires Dealers to have a website produced by a TDDS participating website provider.

What are the benefits of using a participating website provider?
Ensures access to Toyota campaign assets and content that gives your Dealer website maximum customer impact. Dealers are able to compare their website performance against other participating providers to ensure high performance. TDDS programTDDS programcriteria are met.

How do I choose between the participating providers?
TDDS provides a list of Certified providers for you to choose from.

What types of metrics are collected and benchmarked?
TDDS collects several key metrics including:
  • visits
  • unique visitors
  • time spent on site
  • average page views
  • bounce rate
  • traffic sources
  • conversion rate
  • lead form submissions

What happens if a Dealer believes their website provider does meet the requirements and they are not on the TDDS participating provider list?
Please contact your regional office. As the program matures and the digital landscape evolves, further changes may be warranted.

Does the TDDS program require participating Dealers to support/promote TMS national campaigns?
Yes, TMS will classify campaigns as “Required” or “Optional.” “Required” campaigns require the Dealer to display the provided campaign assets on their home page in a featured location; if placed within a slideshow it must maintain the first position within the slideshow. “Optional” campaigns can be supported at the Dealer’s own discretion.

What type of campaigns are considered “Required”?
“Required” campaigns are categorized as follows:
  • Major Model Launches
  • National Sales Events
  • National Special Campaign (e.g. ToyotaCare)

What is the purpose of this program?
The purpose of the Toyota Certified Social Media and Reputation Management Program (Certified SMRM Program) is to help Dealers improve their online reputation and social presence. It will aim to increase dealership-customer engagement within the digital marketplace, help develop the brand reputation of both Toyota and Scion nationally and at a dealership level. Lastly, it will help to create synergistic brand images across all forms of TMS/USA and Scion communication, especially allowing dealerships to support both national and local campaigns.

How does this relate to the Dealer Digital Evaluation?
The Dealer Digital Evaluation is essentially a scorecard produced by TMS/USA quarterly. It will rank your individual dealership in regards to your digital footprint – i.e. customer engagement level, social involvement, brand perception, 3rd party review rating scores, etc. Enrolling in the Certified SMRM Program is a solution to help dealers improve their ranking on the Dealer Digital Evaluation. The Certified SMRM Program is focused on the specific metrics the DDE highlights. All providers are also informed of the DDE and are aware of the need to improve dealer performance on the DDE.

What is required to participate in the Toyota Certified Social Media and Reputation Management Program?
To participate in the Toyota Certified SMRM Program the Dealer must:
  1. Sign the TDDS Dealer Participation Agreement
  2. Contract with a TDDS-Participating CRM Provider
  3. Contract with a TDDS-Participating Website Provider
  4. Contract with a TDDS-Participating SMRM Provider
  5. Dealers agree to allow Providers to collect social media and online reputation metrics to allow for:
    • Performance Reporting to TMS/USA, Regions and Dealers
    • Benchmarking Against Peers
    • SMRM Provider Scorecards
    • Key Metric Reports Include:
      • Review Site Ratings
      • Total/Positive/Negative Review Count
      • Response Count
      • Referral Traffic
      • Total Leads
      • Phone Traffic
      • # Fan/Followers
      • Total Posts
      • Total Reach
      • Total Engagement
      • Total Advocacy
      • Total Impressions
      • Total Clicks / Total Link Clickthroughs
How do I join the program / how do I enroll?
To enroll in the Certified SMRM Program please login to your ELMS account at: From the ELMS interface, you will navigate through “Tools” to “Registration” to access the enrollment form. You will then be able to choose your provider, package, agree to the program terms & conditions, and begin receiving services.
*To learn about the certified providers and available packages, please visit and click through to the Reputation Management and Social Media tab.

How do I enroll my Scion dealership?
When you enroll your Toyota dealership via ELMS and select a package, the package covers both Toyota and Scion. Hence, when you enroll, you automatically enroll both brands.

What if I don’t have a Scion dealership or I don’t want to enroll my Scion dealership?
If you do not have a Scion dealership or do not want to enroll your Scion dealership, simply check the “Opt Out of Scion Package” box on the enrollment form. When you opt out of the Scion package, the total program price will reflect the decrease in cost from opting out of Scion.

Do I have to enroll in the program or do I have any other options?
While it is recommended that all dealers enroll in the Certified SMRM Program, it is not mandatory. If you want to receive minimal social content publishing, your second option would be to sign up directly with DealerRSS via the Toyota AdPlanner and have social content automatically published to your dealership’s social sites.

Will any co-op dollars be allocated to the Certified SMRM Program at the dealer level?
At this time, no co-op dollars will be allocated to the Certified SMRM Program at the dealer level.

What if I want to manage my own social media and reputation management sites?
You have the option to manage your own social media and reputation sites with the “Do-It-Yourself” packages offered by all providers. These packages give you the opportunity to manage your own reputation and social media sites, while giving you access to various dashboards to help you monitor and manage your profiles, create content and post content. Additionally, most DIY packages give you access to reporting so you are able to track your progress.

What if the Scion package it automates for me during enrollment is not the Scion package I want? (For example, I’ve chosen a managed package solution for Toyota and the enrollment form automates a managed package solution for Scion, but I want a DIY package solution for Scion.)
During the enrollment process (unless you opt out of a Scion package), the type of Toyota package you enroll in will indicate which Scion package is selected. If you’ve chosen a managed package for Toyota, it will automatically choose the managed package for Scion. If you would like to change the type of Scion package the form automates for you, you can do so with your provider after enrollment.

What if I want to add-on services that aren’t specified in the program packages at the time of enrollment?
To add-on additional services please contact your provider after enrollment. All additional services will be added to your monthly invoice via the Parts Statement.

What type of agreement am I entering into with the providers?
When you enroll in the program, you are entering into a 30-day agreement with the provider you have chosen, meaning you are in a month-to-month contract with the provider.

What if I want to cancel my services with my chosen provider?
Please contact the TDDS Help Desk at 1-888-511-8904 or to cancel services with your provider. Please note that normal billing rules will apply for all cancellations:
  • If you notify the TDDS Help Desk from the 1st – 10th of the month, you will receive services through the end of the month and you will be billed through the end of the month.
  • If you notify the TDDS Help Desk from the 11th – 31st of the month, you will receive services through the end of the month and the following month, and you will be billed through the end of the month and the following month.

Does the TDDS program require participating Dealers to support/promote TMS national social content?
TMS will classify social campaigns as “Required” or “Optional.” “Required” social campaigns require the Dealer to post or tweet the provided content.

Where will I be able to access reporting?
All dealers will have access to reporting in Toyota DWA by logging into ELMS. All Certified SMRM Providers will offer monthly reporting. Additionally, Scion reporting will be manually distributed.

What kind of reports will be generated?
Two types of reports will be generated for both social media and reputation management. The first type of report is a performance benchmark report, which measures Dealer performance on social media and online reputation, and allow for comparison between other Dealers, Districts, Regions and the Nation. The second type of report is a performance trend report, which shows a 13-month rolling view of Dealer performance in both social media and online reputation. We will also generate a social campaign performance report to measure the success of social content. Thus, there will be a total of five (5) reports made available to dealers:
  • Social Media Performance Benchmark Report
  • Social Media Performance Trend Report
  • Reputation Management Performance Benchmark Report
  • Reputation Management Performance Trend Report
  • Social Campaign Performance Report

What type of metrics will the reports show?
Social reports will show Engagement, Reach, Advocacy, Total Fan/Follower Count and other like metrics. Reputation reports will show Average Review Site Rating, Total Review Count, Positive/Negative Review Count and other like metrics.

How will I be billed?
All dealers will be billed via the Parts Statement.

What is the purpose of this program?
The purpose of Dealer Digital Evaluation is to provide the dealer with a tool to help identify opportunities in improving their online presence and drive more traffic to the dealership.

What is reviewed in the Dealer Digital Evaluation?
The evaluation focuses on four main digital categories:
  • Search Engine Ranking – Google (scored), Yahoo and Bing
  • Dealer Website Optimization for desktop and mobile
  • Social Media presence and engagement
  • Reputation Management on public review sites (Google+Local, Yahoo, Yelp, etc.)

How can I access my dealership’s DDE results?
Dealers may access the Digital Evaluation tool via ELMS under “Tools”

How frequently will the DDE be conducted?
The Dealer Digital Evaluation will be conducted by 3 Birds Marketing quarterly.
  • January 15
  • April 15
  • July 15
  • October 15

I have a question or comment about my DDE results. Who should I contact?
Dealer’s may contact the TDDS Help Desk for assistance with DDE. Mon-Fri, 6 am - 4 pm PST at 1-888-511-8904 or by email at

What kind of support and training will be available for Dealers using the TDDS Response ILM?
A WebEx and TDDS Response ILM Program Manual are available to support users.
How will Dealers learn how to use the ELMS?
Several resources will be available to support understanding the TDDS program and using ELMS.
  • A printed ELMS training guide that is also available in PDF form within the ELMS Reporting Dashboard.
  • The Program website accessed at
  • The ELMS Dashboard ( has built in mechanisms to help users understand functions and metrics (see "i" icons or the help menu).