The TDDS Dealer Website program is backed by training and support online, in print, and in person to ensure success. The following resources are available:

TDDS Help Desk
The TDDS Help Desk is a dedicated resource for Dealers to use for all TDDS and ELMS related questions. Hours of operation are Mon-Fri, 6 am - 4 pm PST. The TDDS Help Desk can be reached by phone 1-888-511-8904 or by email at

Regional Office
Your regional personnel have been trained to assist you in the enrollment process as well as provide on-going support. Each region has a dedicated eCommerce Manager who can offer guidance on the tools and insight into the significance of TDDS to your dealership. A Shift Digital consultant has also been assigned to your region to work with you directly.

Contact Us

TDDS Help Desk
Available Monday through Friday
6:00am - 4:00pm PST

Dealers may contact the TDDS Help Desk for assistance with Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A WebEx and TDDS Response ILM Program Manual are available to support users.
Several resources will be available to support understanding the TDDS program and using ELMS.
  • A printed ELMS training guide that is also available in PDF form within the ELMS Reporting Dashboard.
  • The Program website accessed at
  • The ELMS Dashboard ( has built in mechanisms to help users understand functions and metrics (see "i" icons or the help menu).