3rd Party Leads

  • Ability to purchase 3rd party leads at a reduced cost
  • Toyota provides high-quality leads from industry-leading 3rd Party automotive sites.
  • Toyota manages lead consolidation, filtering, enrichment, and de-duping, allowing you to focus on selling.
  • Toyota offers an industry-unique solution: choose between a Toyota-optimized program or a manual select option.
  • No long-term commitment or long-term contracts. Enroll or leave the 3rd Party Leads Feature at any time. Expand your reach to real-time, in-market customers who are ready to buy.
  • Capture leads from active shoppers on third party sites.
  • More information about your customer enhances your ability to close the sale:
    • Customer information collected from search engines like Google and Yahoo!
    • Appended customer information from TMS databases
  • 3rd Party Leads are sent directly in real time to your dealership ILM/CRM.
  • Your 3rd Party Leads are exclusive to you for 30 days—no more buying leads that have already been sold to the competition.
  • Less time wasted chasing leads that are of no value to your store.
  • You decide how many leads to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

To participate the Dealer must: 1) Sign the TDDS Participation Agreement, 2) Contract with TDDS-Participating Web Provider, and 3) Contract with a TDDS-Participating CRM Provider.
Dealers will have the opportunity to purchase quality 3rd Party Leads at a discounted price. Dealers can choose from manual select or an optimized program where they will be charged per lead. Dealers that reside in states where per lead pricing is not allowed will pay a flat subscription monthly fee. Enrollment is available both online at the ELMS Dashboard and via the TDDS Help Desk (1-888-511-8904).
No, 3rd Party Lead participation is completely optional for all TDDS-participating Dealers.
Lead sources cannot be disclosed. Dealers will receive the highest quality leads as a supplement to your existing 3rd Party Leads Feature. All leads will be filtered and de-duped to save you time and effort.
Just contact the TDDS Help Desk at (1-888-511-8904) or email info@tmsusaconnect.com. The lead will be credited and marked as a duplicate or invalid in the system for reporting purposes. Click the Tool menu in the ELMS navigation bar to access the online credit process.
Leads will be posted directly to TDDS participating CRM/ILM tools of choice.
Dealers should contact their SET or GST Representative.
Consumers have the ability to select multiple Dealers or submit a lead on 3rd Party Leads provider websites. Each 3rd Party Leads providers has different rules for consumers selecting a Dealer. TMS will not resell a lead but will distribute to each Dealer the consumer selected.
Yes, brand website leads are TMS USA owned leads and provided to Dealers at no cost.
The TDDS 3rd Party Leads Feature provides incremental leads beyond your existing direct relationships with 3rd Party Leads providers.
The Dealer can buy all the leads available based on their enrollment in the Program. The Dealer retail contracts with 3rd Party Leads providers will receive priority over the TDDS 3rd Party Leads Feature.
If a Dealer chooses not to participate in the 3rd Party Leads Feature, the leads attributed to that Dealer's PMA will be made available to the next closest participating Dealer based on enrollment. Dealers now have the ability to choose their coverage area.
The Dealer can always choose to buy more 3rd Party Leads on their own outside of this Feature.
The Dealer can contact TDDS Help Desk at (1-888-511-8904) or info@tmsusaconnect.com  to set up the quantity that best fits the individual Dealer’s needs using a weekly lead cap.